D Street Encinitas: Saxon's New Surf Photo

D Street Encinitas: Saxon's New Surf Photo

Saxon shows you one of his favorite surf spots in Encinitas in this video about his new BeachArt photo.

Saxon's New Release: D Street

 From skateboarding to surfing, Encinitas epitomizes the Southern California lifestyle. 

On the right swell, certain breaks along the coast fire perfectly. The day Saxon captured this photo was one of them.

The double eye of the waves captured in this photo is what keeps surfers coming back for more.

All BeachArt prints use recycled plastic as the canvas medium. Depending on the size of the art ordered, each piece recycles between 5 to 14 soda bottles. Those are plastic bottles that won't end up on our beaches or in our ocean, allowing us all to enjoy the pristine beauty of our coastline. 


D Street


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